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English 8

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Mrs. Pocalyko's

PRHS English 8

Welcome to eighth grade English and Pearl River High School! This course emphasizes reading and literary analysis, the delivery of oral presentations, and practicing research skills through individual and cooperative work. In order to get the most out of this year it is important that all the students are positive, energetic, and respectful. This is an exciting time of life, filled with new experiences, opportunities, and challenges. High school will be different from all prior years both inside and outside the classroom. Please remember, I am here to help in any way. 


Dinner Table Topics   Weekly Agendas    Tom Sawyer             

Helpful Links        Word Work      Anne Frank       Essay Rewind    Essay Notes      Grammar&Writing Notes                   

The Pearl                Summer Reading Page                    "Button Button" Clip     Final Exam 

Class Documents  Class Supply List               Class Expectations                 Student Information Sheet

Homework: *to open a document linked below, click on the link, click on the "download" tab on the page that opens, and the document will open                                       QUESTSIONS?? Email me at pocalykoj@pearlriver.org  

Archive Date 




Review for summer summer quiz (tomorrow) -- bring your book and any prep


**"Miss Awful" Journal due 10/3 - see Google classroom for resources


All homework and agendas are posted on our Google Classroom


Period 3 - i687xyu


Period 5 - 4hszrkc



Review the Class Expectations with parent/guardian and get Student Information Sheet signed *please note if email waiver has been signed


Create an account on Quizlet.com 

Bookmark this page :)

Finalize summer reading - quiz week of 9/23


**Instigram Sheet due Friday 9/6





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